About PRU


  • To establish a well-structured symmetrical communication network between the NUSSU, various student organizations and the rest of the NUS population.

  • In order to improve relations and communication with the student body, we need to have adequate and efficient media channels that could disseminate accurate information to students and organisations/ faculty clubs and at the same time receive first-hand news or feedback about NUSSU-related events or initiatives.With the establishment of a strong communication network, lateral bonding can occur to better garner support from the students and the various organisations.

  • To develop PRU as a family and to nurture a strong team of people dedicated to benefiting to the student population and the organization.

  • We hope that through being a part of the PRU family, members will be able to take away life lessons for personal self development, with great human relationships forged in the process. With all the macro goals we have in mind, we hope to be bonded tightly as a unit, to strive towards realizing our vision.


  • Through active communication and engagement, we hope to establish open channels of communication between NUSSU and the student population.