AY16/17 Union Tea 1

Union Tea 1 for AY16/17 took place on the 6th of October 2016 and it was organized by PRU’s 20th MC! All constituent clubs, committees and EXCO members were invited for a night of food, games and a short networking session. Since it was the first Union Tea of the academic year, it was a great opportunity for old and new committee members from the various clubs to get to know each other. Every club had the opportunity to present the vision, mission and activities they offer. The games were a great ice-breaker and the exchange of ideas during the short networking session were useful for building links for collaboration in the future! The opinions shared by everyone was noted down for reference during the networking session. It was then compiled by PRU and sent to all those who attended Union Tea 1. PRU hopes that the participants have made new friends during Union Tea 1, and continue serving the NUS students to the best of their abilities! Do look forward to Union Tea 2 on the 3rd of February 2017!