“Through active communication and engagement, we hope to establish open channels of communication between NUSSU and the student population.”

This is the vision which has been set forth for the 17th PRU after months of planning by the outgoing seniors. With the dynamic and almost unpredictable future ahead, much had to be done to ensure that plans were in place to provide our incoming Management Committee with a fulfilling time during their term of service. Countless hours were spent at YIH (and even in random cafes at Upper Thomson) gearing the function of each of our departments - Feedback and Review, Internal Relations and Media Design - towards fulfilling the ultimate goal of building relations through communication within NUS.

Then came Matriculation Fair 2013 and the NUSSU Welcome Tea. Wow, you should have seen the look on your faces, my dear 17th - bright-eyed and all eager to embark on something new. Some may call it a leap of faith. I would say you have exemplified what it means to be courageous and inquisitive. To the seniors, we were thrilled to see how genuinely interested all of you were in serving the student population through NUSSU PRU. That meant a lot to us, especially when we have been laying as much ground as we could in preparation of your arrival.

Well, we all know what happened next. The Interviews :D As much as I can’t help smiling while penning my thoughts down right now, I think the 17th might prefer if I kept mum about their responses  As much as we’ve been drained spending at least 5 long evenings getting to know every keen individual, your drive to learn and grow with us as one of the 9 Committees of the Union has motivated us in every way possible. We’d credit you for that.

Thank you for believing in us. Things might seem difficult to grasp and you may be thrown off guard at many unexpected moments, but as your chairperson, I encourage you to keep that flame alive and press on no matter the circumstance. As much as the context may be different, I quote what my idol, Ian Thorpe has to say:

“You train so that when you race, the pain is familiar. The motivating factor in racing is that there’s a really big reward at the end of it. So you may have experienced the pain, and the pain will feel quite similar, but it’s where you push that pain to. That becomes your new threshold of what you can handle. It becomes this battle of mind over heart. Do you just push on when everything’s telling you to stop now?”

Hang in there. The seniors and I believe in you.

A big welcome to the 17th Public Relations Unit Management Committee.

Yishang Lum
17th Managment Committee

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