AY16/17 PRUBear Cares 2!

PRU is back again in Sem 2 AY2016/17 for another round of feedback collection. This time, the team went down to various faculty canteens to ask fellow NUS students for their feedback on a wide range of issues. ‘PRUBear Cares Too!’ took place on 7, 10, 14 and 17 February 2017, at The Deck, Frontier, Techno Edge and The Terrace respectively.

The PRU team, together with friendly volunteers from NUSSU Exco and the various Faculty Clubs, reached out to survey students from all the different faculties! Eager students completed a simple survey and also gave some open feedback with a flexible mix of rating and open-ended questions.

The PRU team is preparing for the walkabout campaign! Hsuen can’t wait to start! Our campaign starts at 11am in the morning till 3pm in the afternoon. We are able to ask many students and have a wide outreach by targeting the lunch crowd!

Lucky winners of the day! By completing the survey and liking the PRU Facebook page, students can take part in the lucky draw contest to win prizes like chocolates, candies, and even Starbucks Card! Yay! Congratulations to the lucky winners