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NUSSU Bash 2013 - A Night in Wonderland!

NUSSU PRU’s 16th Management Committee enjoyed a wonderful night together at NUSSU Bash: A Night in Wonderland!

Before the official event started at Zouk, we met up for a sumptuous Japanese dinner at Marutama Ramen at Liang Court. We were all so looking forward to how the event will be like!

The event ignited off with a splendid dance medley of uplifting Salsa from NUS’ Cultural Activities Club, Hip Hop from NTU MJ and Contemporary Dance from KRane. It definitely got everyone pumped up for the main event!

Before we start with the programme line-up, let’s introduce our lovely contestants from NUSSU Bash 2013!

The contestants were dressed in casual wear for their first walk of the night. Enthusiastic cheers from the crowd complemented our beautiful and handsome contestants who looked even more so confident strutting down the fashion runway!

The contestants then had a formal wear showcase, with each of them looking smart in their suits and dresses. Even so, there was no lack of entertainment, with each pair putting up their very own little skits of their ideal love stories, drawing “ooohhh”s and “awwwww”s\s from the crowd.

Limelight shone on our very own crowd as well, with the lucky draws and a pizza eating competition which had many people from the audience scrambling onto the stage and drawing cheers from the crowd.

Afterwhich, we were treated to a special dance performance that showcased the contestents’ talent for dancing. Our contestants were also put through a “gruelling” session of Q&A, of which each of them answered with confidence.

The final segment was costumes showcase and performance! Everyone was simply exhilarated at the extravagant costumes and make-up to portray their particular fairytale characters from Snow White to Aladdin to Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf!

And finally, the long-awaited results...

Dominos Brand Ambassador Challenge Champion: Kuang Wen (M5)
Dominos Brand Ambassador Challenge 1st Runner Up: Charlotte Lim (F3)
Dominos Brand Ambassador Challenge 2nd Runner Up: Amelia Monteiro (F5)
NUS Mr Hot Bod: Ng Hwee Sheng (M3)
NUS Miss Hot Bod: Jasmine Seng (F1)
NUS Mr Popularity: Marcus Woo (M6)
NUS Miss Popularity: Amelia Monteiro (F5)

Mr NUS 2013: Kuang Wen (M5)
Miss NUS 2013: Delane Foo (F6)

Congratulations to all our contestants!

With the start of the hectic school term, NUSSU Bash has undoubtedly provided us and all other NUS students a fun, exciting night away from school. We have certainly had a good night!

Click on the link below for the full photo album of NUSSU Bash 2013!
  • NUSSU Bash 2013 - A Night in Wonderland: 26 January 2013
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