NUSSU Bash 2013

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Mark your calendars on 26 January 2013, 8-11pm!
It's a night in wonderland at ZOUK and everyone is invited!

Ticket Prices:

  • STANDARD PRICE for each ticket: $18 pre-event/$20 on the event day
  • For DBS-NUSSU Debit Cardholder: Flash your DBS-NUSSU Debit Card at our ticket booth to purchase up to 3 tickets at $14 each!
  • BUNDLE PRICING: A person can purchase 10 tickets (exactly 10 tickets) at the special bundle pricing, which is $14 per ticket! This means you get to purchase 10 tickets at $140!!!

  • With such attractive ticket prices, it's time for you to make your way down to our ticket booths in school, 11am to 5pm on the following dates:

  • 15th to 16th Jan: Faculty of Science - Area outside LT25
  • 17th to 18th Jan: Central Library Walkway
  • 21st to 22nd Jan: Faculty of Engineering - Bench outside LT6
  • 23rd to 24th Jan: Business School, Bench outside Bizad Club

    Spend $30 on your DBS NUS debit card in a single receipt during NUSSU Bash 2013 and you get a sure-win prize at our lucky draw!
    Adidas watches, Takashimaya vouchers, mini Capsule speakers up for grabs! There’s something for everyone!

    The photo booth opens at 7.30pm so remember to come early for the event! FREE PHOTOS!

    Over the Holidays...

    PRU had a fun 16th MC Chalet at The Chevrons and also an insightful PR workshop during the last week of vacation!

    During the PRU chalet, we managed to play and work at the same time - Not only enjoying the games, food and company, we also held a meeting to discuss about our upcoming initiatives for the school population (*hint hint*) as well as an annual CNY dinner which will be held on 22 February 2013.

    Image Image

    To better facilitate the meeting and generate more ideas and alternatives, we separated ourselves into various groups for a massive brainstorming session, after which we gathered again to share and further develop our ideas.

    Instead of ordering food from BBQ wholesale vendors, we went to a supermarket to do some grocery shopping so we can marinate and cook our own food during the BBQ on the second day!

    Image Image

    We had delicious food such as sambal stingray, baked potato with cheese and bacon bits, mushrooms with cheese, honey chicken wings, banana with nutella and many more! All homemade (:

    Image Image

    The PRU chalet served as a good platform for the committee to bond together and get to know each other better which will facilitate team bonding when we carry out projects in the near future. It was certainly a BLAST for all of us!

    The last day of chalet was also the first day of our PR workshop, which lasted for 2 days in school. Dr. Ganga S Dhanesh, a Visiting Fellow in Communication Management at the Department of Communications and New Media in NUS, helped us to understand more about PR as a strategic communication management. The PR workshop helped us to gain insights on how to effectively bring ideas across NUSSU and also to the student population via various ways, one of which included the representation of a mascot or symbol to leave a deep impression on the public so as to form both branding and credibility.

    Image Image

    Overall, we definitely had an interesting and relaxing time together during the last week of vacation before the new semester. Do look forward to our upcoming initiatives proudly brought to you by NUSSU PRU!

    You can click on the links below for the full photo albums of the PRU chalet and PR Workshop/lunch!
  • 16th MC Chalet: 7 - 9 January 2013
  • PR Workshop (1) & PRU Lunch: 9 - 10 January 2013
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