AY16/17 PRUBear Cares

Got a PRUblem? Fret not, cause PRUbear is here to hear! PRU’s annual feedback campaign is held to better understand the needs and concerns of NUS students. Named “PRUbear Cares” for AY 16/17, the campaign took place on 13 & 14 October 2016, outside CLB and UTown Koufu respectively for a larger outreach and diversity of the student population. Students were engaged in a simple yet fun voting process, coupled with an open channel for feedback on various matters on academics and student activities. Our trusty PRUnes actively engaging students to voice their opinions. Look at that crowd! Seems like students DO have a lot to say. To further expand our outreach, portable voting and feedback panels were used by our walkabout team. Students who were dining or studying were caught and left with no escape route but to leave their feedback! HA! Alright jokes aside, but this too was found to be an effective way in engaging more students while promoting PRUbear and our feedback channels. Perks of participating in our feedback campaign? Students had a chance to try their luck in winning a Starbucks card or CapitaLand Mall voucher on the spot! Here’s one of the lucky winners. Of course, hiccups are an essential part of events. Look at this hideous mess of tapes and personal belongings! What we did not expect, was that the weather conditions would be unfavourable for our choice of material for props. Our flimsy cardboards had to brave the strong winds, and barely survived the ordeal with the help of tapes and weights (a.k.a. personal belongings). With all that’s said, PRU would like to thank everyone who dropped your feedback. You have played an active role in seeking changes to improve school life! We look forward to hearing more from you in the upcoming semesters.

First Union Tea for AY 14/15

3rd October 2014 is the first Union Tea organised by PRU's 18th MC and it is also the first Union Tea for the academic year 14/15. It was a not-so-large event and it only involves the nine NUSSU committees.

The event's emcee were Ben and Jeannie, appearing for the first time as the face of PRU. Union Tea this time round focused more on the bonding of the nine NUSSU committees. Participants of the event get a chance to know more fellow NUSSU volunteers as they meet new people in a rotation talk not once, not twice, but thrice during the event. This was important as there are new faces who just joined the NUSSU family. It was a great success to get the new faces to break the ice and introduced themselves. All of them has had a chance to share about their committee's plans and vision for the year, creating ample collaboration opportunities among the NUSSU committees in the future.

Finally, it ended off with a motivational speech by Lim Kok Seng, president of NUSSU for AY 1415. With that, hopefully the NUSSU Committees will be able to serve the NUS communities to their best capabilities and bring about more positive changes.

Let's look forward to our next Union Tea!