NUSSU Appreciation Dinner 2014

26 September 2014 - As we embarked on a nostalgic journey back to the whereabouts of "once upon a time", our PRU members were dressed in tiaras (ladies) and fedoras (men), in a bid to reconcile with the good old days. All dressed up in our best, we were unafraid to capture the spotlight with the numerous Vogue-like shots taken that night.

Despite the challenges that we faced along the way, the past year has nonetheless been a fruitful and exciting ride. We are extremely delighted and honoured to bag two awards presented during the dinner:
  1. the Best Committee Creativity and Innovation award for our #HEYNUSSU initiative
  2. the Best Committee Dynamics.
Several of our members have also received awards in various categories:
  1. Eric Poon - Best Newcomer Award
  2. Manali Mehta - Best Newcomer Award
  3. Teo Jia Yang - Best Newcomer Award
  4. Ian Loh - Best Newcomer Award
  5. Adriel Lam - Long Service Award

These awards and recognition serve as definite boosts to the 18th MC as we strive harder and excel into greater heights in serving the student population. We sincerely thank you for your continual support.

Student Life Fair & Recruitment 2014

Welcome to NUS!

What other way to kickstart your journey in NUS than the Student Life Fair (SLF)? The fair was one of the NUS Student Union's Freshmen Orientation Projects to help freshmen settle down in a vibrant and lively NUS life. It was held for two whole days on the 14th and 15th August while a half day session was held on the 16th in conjunction with the Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day. Booths of various CCAs were set up at the University Town entrance and the three sports hall. PRU too jumped into the bandwagon and set up our on boothfor SLF. During the three days, we encouraged passing students to take a selfie or group photo with our PRU photobooth. Many had participated and they had also hashtagged #HEYNUSSU with their photos on Instagram.

The fair was also a great opportunity for us to scout for potential PRU members! Students who were interested to join us got to sign up for a preliminary interview. We also took the chance to explain our committee's role towards NUSSU and the students in general. Stickers and pens were given out for publicity as well.

After the fair, NUSSU had organised a recruitment drive for the nine committees. It was at Yusof Ishak House for two whole days on the 18th and 19th August. The drive was more tranquil in contrast to the buzz of SLF. The recruitment drive was the time for us to introduce ourselves and attract more students to sign up for the preliminary interview.

The next three days were busy days as the preliminary interviews commence. We would take this opportunity to thank all whom had attended the interview despite the last minute change of plans. We had an overwhelming number of applications. Thus, we will be conducting the second round interview soon for our longlisted applicants!

We had two hectic weeks at the beginning of school but we managed to pull through because of the support we gave each other. That shall be the strength of the 18th Management Committee! Our upcoming weeks will be focused on two things, recruitment and a new campaign. Do stay tuned for more PRU!

Till next time!

ps. To applicants, remember to check your email frequently for updates from us! We hope to welcome you into our family!