Public Relations Workshop 2013 (17th MC)

It has been 2 fulfilling days attending an introduction workshop to Public Relations conducted by Dr Ganga.

After attending the workshop, we gained a deeper insight into Public Relations. This has been very beneficial to us. Firstly, we can apply the knowledge obtained at the workshop during our time at NUSSU PRU. Some significant key take-aways are:

1) Maintaining the relationship with the various stakeholders through employing several methods and strategies.

2) Communication as a tool for Public Relations.

With these 2 key points in mind, we would surely be able to enhance our abilities as a Public Relations Officer. Furthermore, it would be a guiding tool for every decision and thought process throughout our stay in PRU.

Additionally, the workshop has broadened our perspective. After attending the workshop, we became more aware of the strategies and methods PR firms employ to create an impact on the society. Also, it made us realise that PR is a highly dynamic arena. As PR specialists, we always have to be informed about the latest trends and news so as to stay relevant and effective in communicating with our various stakeholders.

We'd like to thank Dr Ganga for her generosity and passion in imparting her knowledge on Public Relations and we definitely will be looking forward to the upcoming workshop by Dr Ganga on Crisis Management in December!

NUSSU Appreciation Dinner 2013

Blazer? Check.

Pink Nail Polish? Check.

Pink Bow Tie? Check.

In the midst of the semester, in between all the rushed deadlines and project assignments, was the scheduled Recess Week. While this week marked the start of the study frenzy that occurs before all the various midterms, members of the 16th NUSSU PRU MC took time out of their busy study schedules to dress up, look handsome/pretty and relive memories. Why?

3 words and 4 numbers. NUSSU Appreciation Dinner 2013.

The NUSSU Appreciation Dinner (AD) is annual event organized by the NUSSU ExCo to recognize and appreciate its volunteers for working hard the past academic year. Invited, are the various NUSSU Committees, their sub-committees, FOCC Project Committees as well as the outgoing and incoming NUSSU ExCo. With AD 2013 taking on the theme of “Casino Royale”, we were all asked to dress to the tens and look our very best.

The girls met up early in the day to begin their preparation, while the guys chose to gather at 5.30pm. Eventually, both parties arrived at the same time. With a nice reception outside the ballroom area, we started taking photos with friends that we have made throughout our term. The photobooth set up, courtesy of NUSSU Video and Photographic Committee (VPC), was an instant magnet for the various groups. With props scattered in the area before the photo shoot, it required a patient mind to finally get the chance to capture the precious memories for the night.


When the doors finally opened, we took our place at Tables 15 and 16, seated with the members of our event, SLC 2012. Games and speeches were given, fantastic food was served, and laughter was heard throughout the night. With girls, one could only expect many photos being taken, and AD was no exception. At table 16, the guys had the fortune of having 7 PRU/SLC members taking the whole table of 10, as CommIT had people who at the last minute could not attend. With more food to ourselves, we all had the thought, “The night couldn’t get any better than this.”


Soon, it came time for the presentation of certificates and awards. The various certificates included “Certificate of Distinction”, “Certificate of Commendation”, “Best Committee Newcomer”, while the various awards included “Long Service Award”, “Best New Initiative”, “Best Creativity and Innovation”, “Best Compliance Award”, “Best Training Programme Award”, and the prized award, “Best Committee.”

During the holidays, the outgoing Chairperson, Adriel Lam, spent many hours and sleepless nights thinking about the people in his committee to nominate, and the results were revealed that night. The following award and certificate winners are listed below, in no order of merit.

Certificate of Distinction:

• Lum Yi Shang

• Kellie Chong

• Sie Min Young

• Joel Choo Peng Yeow

• Dennis Ng Zhi Liang

Best Committee Newcomer:

• Kellie Chong

Long Service Award:

• Delvin Wuu (for his contribution in 2010/2011 NUSSU Bash and PRU, 2011/2012 NUSSU Bash and PRU, 2012/2013 NUSSU SLC)

Best Creativity and Innovation:


In addition, with our chic pink bow tie and suave looks, table 16 was the most outfit coordinated table by a mile, and it was no wonder that we won the “Best Dressed Table” award, being handsomely rewarded with a basket of 60 Tob


All good things must come to end, however, and AD was no exception. Even though the 16th MC have officially stepped down, they will never be forgotten, for they have made the hardest step of realigning the mission and vision of NUSSU PRU, upgrading the members’ core competency to stay relevant to the Union. The long nights in school, and endless laughter and joy will not be easily forgotten, and it is with great sadness that the 16th MC officially handover control of the Committee Office to the 17th.

To paraphrase Robert Frost,

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

With that, the 16th NUSSU PRU MC thanks everyone who has helped make our term so enjoyable and successful, and we wish all the best to the 17th MC. “For if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” (Newton, 1676)


Thank You, and Good Bye.

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