On the 1st of April, the systematic factory production of goodie bags has begun in a small office in YIH! Thousands of empty brown paper bags were filled with small token(s) and labeled with pretty stickers saying “Project Shake-up: Goodie Bag Movement” with love from everyone who helped with the packing.

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With all the enthusiasm, we gathered once again on the 3rd to build our known structure from Project Grab a Freebie at our good old place - Utown. It was not an easy feat even for a second try, but we managed to complete our cosy booth, uniquely for Project Shake-up events, with a roof over our heads!

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As the sun rose again, it was finally the start of the actual event! From writing encouragement notes to putting in some goodies to passing it on to a stranger or an unsung hero, it was countless chains of kindness that was going through NUS for two whole days. It was heartening to see people who are interested in the movement and also a few who expressed their salutation after watching the video on our Facebook page. However, it was even more heartwarming to see everyone participating actively in this movement: helping us man our faculty booths, inserting cards with their own words of wisdom and passing it on to just anyone with the true appreciation of kindness!

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Even though there are bound to be obstacles and problems that arose throughout the whole 2-day event, we managed to pull through it! The smiles that were on the faces of strangers when we decided to carry out the movement ourselves were priceless and definitely a memory that we would not forget.

Hence, we believe no matter where the goodie bags end, the kindness would always trail through everyone’s hearts and make NUS an even more heartwarming place.

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Click on the link below for the complete photo album of Project Goodie Bag Movement!
  • Project Goodie Bag Movement: 4-5 April 2013
  • Project Grab A Freebie

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    “Take what you NEED – but remember, the one more you take is one less for others.”
    A sentence resounding time and again throughout the weeks, hours, and minutes leading up to our event - Project Shake-Up: Grab A Freebie

    The amount of preparation did seem rather unsurmountable from the beginning. From sketching down of ideas on paper to countless meetings to finally setting up our Candy House and actually carrying everything out, our project came to life.


    We definitely have gone through quite a bit together as a committee, as a team fit to overcome any ordeals we might have faced during our marketing, publicity or logistics efforts.

    On the night before Project Grab A Freebie really became a sweet reality, we finally concluded all of our preparations through the construction of our Candy House. What an engineering feat that was!

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    Fancy building a house! Definitely an experience! (;

    The time finally came on 22 March 2013. Many were rushing to the candy booth, grabbing as many goodies as they possibly could.

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    There were others though, who took notice of the sign next to it and took a moment to ponder before taking only one goodie.

    Today, NUSSU PRU decided to celebrate graciousness with a whole new concept! The bright red candy booth was stacked with candies and drinks – 100 plus, honey sticks, cookies, biscuits, chocolates.. It was no wonder why so many were crowding around grabbing the irresistible goodies!

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    NUSSU PRU sent two initiators who went undercover as passer-bys amidst the crowd to find our gracious people in the school! It was hard at first, with so many people crowding around filling their arms with candies. After a while later, we spotted our first angel!


    Our initiators approached her and talked to her before she remarked “Should I take the balloon? But if I do, the one more that I take would be one less for others.” And with that, she put the balloon back to its place. Immediately after, she was swarmed with a crowd cheering for her. NUSSU PRU, together with our volunteers were shouting “hip hip hooray!” and thanking her for showing graciousness. She smiled widely as we presented her with a small bouquet of flowers and cookies after taking a photo together.

    After she left, the crowd dispersed and we were back to disguise in wait of our many gracious people to come.

  • “I don’t need it so why should I take? If I do the others who need won’t have it.”
  • “I don’t need, I’ll just take one for my friend.”
  • “Well, like the sign said, the one more that I take would mean one less for others.”

  • These were but a few of what our various angels were caught saying during our event.
    Many times, we get caught up with our wants and tend to forget about what the people around us need, even those we do not see.

    To the angels whom we celebrated with today, thank you for showing graciousness! Though it was a one-time event, we hope that those of you who came really enjoyed yourselves and continue to show graciousness to people around you!

    Click on the link below for the complete photo album of the pre and event day of Project Grab A Freebie!
  • Project Grab A Freebie: 22 March 2013