NUS Freshmen Survival Pack

Hi NUS freshmen!

Welcome to NUS, where a whole new journey starts for you! Here are some useful links and tools that are essential for your NUS experience!

Do take note of these important websites:

IVLE - The Integrated Virtual Learning Environment is the main channel between instructors and their classes. Here, students download files required for classes, participate in online forum, submit assignments and attempt quizzes.

NUSMods - Short for NUS Modifications. This student-made timetable builder is a must-have for planning your schedule.

CORS - Most faculties participate in the Centralised Online Registration System, where students bid for the modules to enrol in for the coming semester. More instructions on CORS bidding can be found on the website.

Student Portal - Important announcements are usually posted here. Don’t miss out on deadlines and frequently check this page! There are quick links to other important websites.

MyISIS - The Integrated Student Information System is important for administrative tasks, including your first-time registration, settling your campus finances, checking your examination schedules, result transcripts and applying for exchange programmes, etc.

LINC - The Library INtegrated Catalogue lists the collection of NUS Libraries resources, which will prove useful for your research.

Library Portal - Search for journals, articles, books and even past-year papers to help your essay and term paper writing, as well as preparation for finals!

NUS Student Email - Your NUSNET ID doubles as a student email address. Remember to check your student email inbox for communications from the faculty and the university!

NUS Software for Students - (For free Microsoft Office Subscription) NUS students are granted a FREE subscription of the Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and OneDrive! There are other softwares free for students to download!

Disability Support - Office of Student Affairs - For students with disability.

1our - Interested in earning extra cash in NUS? Sign up for part-time jobs or earn remuneration by participating in various studies.

NUS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet - Your NUS Libraries membership allows you to access many database pages, such as JSTOR. This guide teaches you how to login and gain access to these literatures for your research.

Citation Generator

REBOKS - Resource Booking System. Book sports facilities through this website.

Writing and Communication Hub Consultation Booking - The NUS Centre for English Language Communication offers writing consultations to help you polish that essay, term paper, and even resume until they sparkle!

Campus Map - The name says it all! Note: be mindful of using the ‘Directions’ feature, as there may be shortcuts and faster routes compared to its suggested path.

NUSWhispers - Read and share anonymous posts and confessions

NUSNextBus - For Android and Apple. This app tells you the bus routes and arrival timings to facilitate your travel around the campus

IVLE for Smartphones - For Android and Apple. This official app allows you to access IVLE from your smartphones!

IVLE Downloader (Unofficial) - Made by Yujian Yao, this desktop program downloads class files from IVLE automatically.

Around NUS App - For Android and Apple.

NUS Carparks - For Android and Apple. Do you drive a car? Find out if there are parking spaces in the various campus parking areas with this app.

GAPS - Graduation Academic Planning System. (For FASS) Declare your major and check the modules you have taken here.

Past Year Papers Downloader - A program that downloads your module’s past year papers!